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My name is Raphael Pooser. I'm an expert in continuous variable quantum optics, and many other things including quantum sensors and quantum comuting. My interests span almost the entire field of computing. I'm interested in supercomputers, accelerators like GPUs, and the technologies that we're going to be adopting as the end of Moore's law approaches. I currently lead a large laboratory directed research and development project on neuromorphic computing at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Over the years I've become somewhat of a generalist, as my publication record shows, but I've always maintained strong expertise in my core area of quantum information science

I have developed a quantum sensing program based on quantum networks over seven years at ORNL, followed by theoretical and experimental efforts in quantum computing. I've been working to demonstrate that continuous variable quantum optics has important uses in the quantum information science field. One of my goals is to show that the quantum control and error correction required in computing applications are directly applicable to quantum sensing efforts. I also highlight the practicality of these systems, owing to the determinism that continuous variables offer, demonstrating their ease of use and broad applicability. My research model uses quantum sensors as a showcase for the technologies that will enable quantum computing. I have over 15 years of quantum information science experience, and I have led the quantum sensing program at ORNL over the past 7. I've published multiple refereed papers in high impact journals, including in Science, Nature, and Physical Review Letters. 

Right now I'm a senior research scientist at ORNL, having previously served as a distinguished Wigner Fellow. I previously worked as a postdoctoral fellow in the Laser Cooling and Trapping Group at NIST after receiving my PhD in Engineering Physics from the University of Virginia Quantum Fields and Quantum Information group. I received a B.S. in physics from New York University, graduating Cum Laude on an accelerated schedule. I have a joint appointment at the University of Tennessee department of physics in the Quantum Technologies Group. I'm also active in the community, having served as a spokesperson for United Way and for the Boys and Girls Clubs of the TN Valley on many occasions in addition to volunteer work.